2015 Silver American Eagle


The 2015 Silver American Eagles are selling in record numbers. The numbers for December, 2014 were reached almost 5 million units. I believe Silver will rise during the 4th quarter of 2015. Why has silver prices collapsed over the last year? Well this is not rocket science. It is because the dollar has continued to improve, oil prices have collapsed, and investors are scared shitless of foreign equities.

Two of my favorite investors are Peter Schiff and Max Keiser. They both believe that silver prices are at the most attractive buy in recent years as they prices have dropped. For all of you that buy silver as an investment though I do not particularly agree with you. Silver and gold are actually hedges against inflation and the potential collapse of the United States dollar. If the United States dollar doesn’t collapse then it will serve as a liquid asset for your household.

This brings us back to the silver american eagle coin. Why do I say invest in the silver american eagle coin? it is pretty simple. This highly attractive coin sells out as soon as it is produced. the silver american eagle coin is actually more expensive to produce then it is to sell for profit. Go out and get this coin as it is the international standard in savings. You can buy and sell american eagles in any country in the world and it is the most widely accepted bullion coin for trading.

In the event that we have a global collapse silver american eagle coin prices are going to go through the roof. The fact that they are minted by the United States will have a massive impact on their pricing. You can go out and buy cheap silver all over, but the quality of the silver american eagle can’t be understated. It will hold its value no matter what the price of silver goes to in the future. If you don’t believe me then just check amazon and eBay right now and you will realize that the coin is selling for a ridiculous price. The price of the coin at a retailer is even higher.

In closing, I recommend that every investor get at least $10,000 in silver american eagle coins if you can afford it. Use this investment as a hedge against inflation, trading tool, and a easy liquid way to preserve wealth. If you can’t afford to buy all of it at once then just save up in increments. Invest now as this coin will disappear in a crisis.

By Damien Darko


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