Alt Right America

Alt Right America

by Damien Darko


The Alt Right is not some new phenomenon in the United States. The reality is that the Alt Right is a crucial component of everyday America. Leaders of the movement have risen from every fabric of society. The one leader that many look to is Richard Spencer. He is the self proclaimed creator of the Alt Right movement. The reality is that Richard Spencer is really not the leader of the movement. The movement has come about from a leaderless movement of patriot around the United States. The Alt Right is not Republican, Democrat, or Independently based like the media likes to portray. The movement has a deeper rooted sense of nationalist that many can’t really understand.

The entire nation tries to compare the Alt Right to elements that align along racial lines. They miss the real nature of the Alt Right. The movement is really an identity movement. The identity of the Alt Right is aligned closely with an idea that we must protect and preserve the cultural integrity of the nation. It is important to understand that anarchist and communist factions work hard to destroy all of the things that we have worked with under the banner of Trump Nationalism. The movement has deeper rooted intentions that many on the right will never understand until the time s right to share with the masses.

The Alt Right movement is ideological as well as cultural. To truly understand this we must look to radical elements operating in the United States like the Black Lives Matter Movement and Nation Of Islam. Radical groups like this will try to undermine the goals that our great nation have worked for over the last 18 months. Many leftists have tried to infiltrate and destroy the Alt Right movement by trying to relate our movement to racist groups. The reality is we are not racist and do not use race to divide. We simply celebrate our right to exist and prosper. If we can’t gain a stronger footing through the media, we must look to other ways to grow and prosper. The time is now. What will you do to advance the our movement? will you stand and be counted?


By Damien Darko

Alt Right America

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