Amanda Knox Acquitted of Murder

Amanda Knox Acquitted of Murder

by Damien Darko

After seven long years of legal battles, Amanda Knox is finally free and clear of all charges. The Italian Supreme Court overturned her guilty murder verdict yesterday marking an end to Knox’s legal woes. If convicted of the crimes Know would have faced almost 30 years in an Italian prison. Knox was first accused in November 2007 of killing her roommate with a kitchen knife in the city of Perugia, Italy. She was in Italy as a student and spent much of her time drinking and partying with friends. She was dating an Italian named Raffaele Sollecito who was also wrapped up in murder charges.

Throughout the entirety of the last seven years the Italian police and court had falsified evidence, hampered with testimony, mislead the defense in an attempt to save face with the international community. Amanda Knox was not guilty of the crimes as she had no motive, was not present, and also had a strong alibi at the time. The true killer of Meredith Kercher was an african american man named Rudy Guede. He confessed to the killing of Meredith Kercher, but had fled to Germany to avoid charges further complicating things for Knox. Due to the overwhelming evidence against Guede, the German government finally extradited him. This led to a guilty conviction of which he as served much of thus far.

In the end this entire case has been a black mark on the Italian legal system as it has shown how criminality and corruption are rampant. Many Americans must be careful prior to going to Italy as they may want to regain prestige by making an example out of another american. In the end I am sure Amanda is glad to be back home away from the pains of the Italian legal system. This is a very important case that will have implications for years to come.

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