Texas Open Carry Law Passes By Damien Darko  The Texas House and Senate have passed landmark Open Carry bill this week. This comes at the heels of the intensive biker shooting that took place in Waco, Texas. Many of the Democrats throughout this country have condemned this action. However, […]

Texas Open Carry Law Passes

Nepal Earthquake: Deadly Disaster By Damien Darko  On the 25th of April 2015 at 11:56 PM NST a massive magnitude 7.9 Earthquake rocked areas in the village of Barpak, Nepal. This earthquake was one for the record books that left over 8,000 people dead and 18,000 injured by the […]

Nepal Earthquake: Deadly Disaster

You are here:Home/BOOKS Irish Car Bombs Novel Via Kickstarter COMING IN FALL 2015 By Damien Darko Support our new novel! Any amount helps. With $25 you get a hardback copy. Chicka Boom! Two Northern Irish brothers born into the slums of Derry, Ireland in the 1980s explode into the […]

Irish Car Bombs Novel Via Kickstarter

Why We Prep By Damien Darko The question of why so many Americans prep is a complex one that many people have a hard time understanding. In the United States it is estimated that over five million people consider themselves Preppers. We at believe that prepping is something […]

Why We Prep