Countries Ban Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

Countries Ban Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

By Damien Darko 

The belief that free speech is free can’t be further from the truth. The reality is that you must earn the right to free speech. In the United States it took us a revolution to earn this right. Around the world free speech is not free. It comes at a cost that is built on the backs of great men and women to earn this right. However, I believe that free speech is a human right that all citizens around the world deserve.

Now let us look at the right to free speech on the internet. The fact is that around the world countries are using their power over the internet to shut down free speech. This was most evident during the Arab Spring where Egypt had shut down social media. The reaction to this was brave citizens grabbing their virtual “AR-15s” and firing back using VPN servers from around the world to get back online. This was a heroic effort to IP into the conversation and share with the west the struggles that were happening in their country.

This is why we are creating to spread VPN SOCIAL NETWORK media capabilities around the world to people who need and want to be part of the conversation. You all have probably heard the saying that all you need is one match in a dark room to spread light. This is true with you. If you join you will be part of the conversation. No Country has the right to block it’s citizens just because they disagree with the words that are being digitally sent. All people have the right to express themselves.

Now let us look at the countries that are currently banning various types of social media. The list grows each day. We need to use our social pressures to end this anti- free Speech movement. Their are six countries that are the most active in banning social media. However, their are 19 that have been labeled “enemies of the internet” by Reporters Without Borders. This is not an all inclusive list.


These are the top six countries for social media blocking.

1. TURKEY: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (Bans are raised and lifted regularly dependent on the issue)

2. IRAN: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

3. PAKISTAN: Youtube

4. CHINA: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube (The crazy thing about this is that China has the highest amount of twitter users even though it is banned)

5. Vietnam: Facebook

6. North Korean: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube

These are additional countries that have been labeled “Enemies of the Internet” for their censorship of the internet by Reporters Without Borders.

1. Bahrain

2. Belarus

3. Cuba

4. Ethiopia

5. India

6. Russia

7. Saudi Arabia

8. Sudan

9. Syria

10. Turkmenistan

11. UAE