by Damien Darko

J.J. Abrams is Star Wars 7 trailer. The Force Awakens will hit theaters in 2015 thank God. The new Star Wars 7 trailer is out. George Lucas gave the world the greatest gift with the first six Star Wars films. However, the one thing I love about the future of the star wars franchise is J.J. Abrams. The mixing of a young and unknown cast with the older generation cast is awesome. He is doing justice to multiple groups of fans. The last two Star Trek films were excellent displays of special effects cinema. George Lucas tried to do this with his last two Star Wars movies, but went little overboard with the CGI.

The fact that J.J. is bringing back the cast from the original trilogy is a Star Wars fans wet dream. I will be the first one waiting to see the premier. I have no doubt that it will live up to all our expectations. The trailer alone screams a return to the past only with better effects. stay tuned for more the premier. I like the way J.J. does lighting effects and I hope he takes some of the U.S.S. Enterprise lighting techniques to the Star Wars film.

The trailer shots of stormtrooper in the beginning with the x wings jetting across the screen brings back memories of Return of the Jedi. J.J. has is showing us that he will be true to the original. Then out shoots the days side with the Millinium Falcon in full view at the end. You know that Harrison Ford will be inside with his wookie. Star Wars The Force Awakens will be here in December 2015 and that is not soon enough folks. All the original cast from the three previous films will be in this film. The real question on all our minds is how big of a role did J.J. give them. Stay tuned!

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