Nikola Tesla: The Great Geek Inventor

Nikola Tesla: The Great Geek Inventor

By Damien Darko

Did you go to K-12 education as a child? Were you born in a family that was educated at the collegiate level? Well I know that I went to K-12, got a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, and working on another one. Do you know the one person that I had never heard of until about 3 years ago? It just so happens that this someone is responsible for the message that I am sending out to all of you right now across the internet. Am I getting warmer? Think about the lightbulb. Do you know who created the system used around the world for modern day lighting? I’m pretty sure you don’t know. I say that because I didn’t until I saw a video on Youtube that opened up my eyes. That is one of the reasons why I started in the first place was to reconstruct the real world history based on fact.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian American inventor, electrical engineer, and mechanical engineer, as well as a pioneering futurist. Many of his futurist experiments have yet to be duplicated. Nikola Tesla was born in what is now modern day Croatia in the city of Smijian on 10 July 1856. The quite humorous thing about Tesla’s education growing up is the fact that he was a college dropout from Graz University of Technology in Austria. Actually, his father died and he gained quite the gambling habit losing his scholarship. Sounds like someone liked the craps table a little much. It also didn’t help that he failed his exams at the last semester of his education.

Apparently college was little slow the this geek. Tesla then moved to New York City to pursue work work for Thomas Edison (heard of him) and also worked under licenses with George Westinghouse. You have to remember at this time candles were the main source of lighting. His work in New York in the early period was centered around lighting the city. This needed high voltage power regulation. Tesla worked for the Edison company in NYC developing Edison’s Direct Current generator. Edison even promised Tesla over $50,000 to fix the DC generator. Tesla of course fixed the system, but didn’t give Tesla the money. Tesla then promptly quit and then created his own company of which was unsuccessful.

Then in 1886 Tesla started the Tesla Electric Company and developed the alternating current (AC) that is in use to this day in many countries. Back in 1888, However, Thomas Edison and Tesla went to war over AC and DC power generation. The patents and technology that Tesla had developed for Edison including the lightbulb were used against him and Edison ultimately won the battle. Edison was a salesman and executive. Tesla actually created the lightbulb, perfected DC current, and created AC current. Funny thing is that Edison’s company adopted Tesla’s AC current and the forced him out of the company. In 1892, That company pushing AC today is actually General Electric. I bet you never learned this is high school. I know that i didn’t learn any of this. We are taught Edison was responsible for it all. The next great feat of Tesla was that he brought AC power hydroelectric generation to Niagara Falls. This fact is not in the history books as well.

Now let’s talk about wireless technology. Tesla created that as well. Are you serious you ask me? Well in 1891 he demonstrated wireless electronic lamps providing power generation at two different locations. This was science fiction back then. Tesla decided to one up himself 4 years later in 1894. Because he became bored with power (just kidding) he decided to create X-Ray technology. Why I though it was Wilhelm Rontgen who created X-Ray technology? The problem was that Roentgen did this 2 years after Tesla in 1896.



For all of you super nerds out their Tesla also created radio technology back in 1891. This predates any other know developer of Radio technology. Tesla also demonstrated radio controlled boat back in 1898. Think your child has the cooled RC car or boat? check out this cool boat Tesla built back before cars were a thing. The U.S. Navy can also thank Tesla for creating the radio controlled torpedo. I bet all the german U-boats didn’t like this fact. The first radio transmission was made by Guglielmo Marconi who takes credit for this feat. It is laughable though as he used 17 Tesla Patents to make the transmission. That’s a lot of plagiarism. Tesla sued Marconi and of course won.



Tesla ultimately developed 300 patents worldwide making him the Great Geek Inventor. Unfortunately for Tesla he ended up dying alone, celibate, an with a world that ultimately shunned him over the last century. Thankfully, with Billionaires like Elon Musk of Tesla Motors we are starting to see a rise in the acclaim of Nikola Tesla. He deserves all the credit for the article I am posting here today. He provided the power for my macbook, the wireless technology to send this message, and numerous other patents powering this message to my fellow Truth Raiders. I have posted the 300 patents of Nikola Tesla below so you the reader can get educated and do your own research.


Tesla Major Inventions and discoveries during his 86 glorious years:

  1. Tesla Coil & auto ignition system
  2. AC polyphase system
  3. Exploration of solar and thermal energy
  4. Transmitting Power without Wires
  5. Radio
  6. Employing Electricity as a Fertiliser
  7. Fluorescent Lighting & neon lights
  8. X-ray devices
  9. Vertical Take Off and Landing aircraft
  10. Terrestrial Stationary Waves
  11. Robotics
  12. Devices for ionized gases
  13. Superconducting device
  14. Devices for lightning protection
  15. Magnifying transmitter
  16. Charged particles beam
  17. Death Rays
  18. Thermo-Electric Power
  19. Radiation
  20. Radar
  21. Electrotherapeutics – Tesla currents
  22. Computing Logic Circuits
  23. Remote Control/Communications
  24. Bladeless Turbine
  25. Apparatus for ozone generation

by Damien Darko