Pirates of the Mediterranean: Alanya

Pirates of the Mediterranean: Alanya


By Damien Darko


The Truth Raider team made a journey to the “Pirate city “of Alanya, Turkey. Many popular films have been made about piracy in the Caribbean, however piracy in the Mediterranean has been going on much longer. Check out our journey below.

IMG_0970 Pirates of the Mediterranean: Alanya IMG_0963

Pirates!! Tourist Pirate ship                     Alanya Harbor view from Alanya Castle


Pirate Ships in the Alanya Harbor


The town of Alanya, Turkey in the Antalya Province is a great example of top tourist destination for Europeans. Many great civilitions have held the city of Alanya over time and the culture is prominent throughout the town. The Ptolemaic, Seleucid, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and now the present day country of Turkey have held claim to this city.

IMG_0844 IMG_0941

Ottoman House near tower                     Alanya Tower and Harbor view


The climate in Alanya is similar to many places in the Mediterranean bringing tourists from all over the world, but primarily Russian and Germans flock to this region.


Alexander the Great passed through the city of Alanya. It was after his death that piracy also became a huge problem for the romans nearly sixty years after Christ’s death. Tourist Pirate themed ships line the harbor today making it an interesting travel destination. Due to the history of the Alanya Castle the Turkish government has requested Alanya Castle become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



IMG_0971 IMG_0905IMG_0974




Medieval Cannons, Catapult, and Battering Ram

The Castle had many interesting medieval and roman era artifacts to discover. If you have the time there is a beach and a small café within the castle walls. Fresh orange juice is offered as you are strolling along. There are also numerous Ottoman era homes located all along the mountainside. You can’t beat the view from the Alanya Tower. The newly renovated Alanya Castle walls and shipbuilding facility make the trip to Alanya even more enjoyable. A few years ago you could only go to the tower in the picture above. Below you cam find some of the cool new places that are available to the public.

IMG_0973 IMG_0918




View of the Harbor                                   Ship building facility

IMG_0972 IMG_0922

Damien under Alanya Castle                  Ship Mast


Turkish Carpet purchased by Damien Finally as you see from the photo above there are beautiful Turkish Carpets for sale in Alanya. I purchased this one for a fair price. One note for all carpet buyers is to make sure to pay at least half of the starting price. Turkish carpet dealers always overcharge. Alanya, Turkey main things to do: Visit the Bazaar Visit the Harbor Sail on a Pirate Ship Visit Alanya Castle Buy a Carpet Go to the beach! Check out Truthraider.com for more travel and entertaining stories!



By Damien Darko