Support Trump for President

By Damien Darko

The reasons to stop and listen to Donald J. Trump are numerous, as shown by massive turnout at rallies nationwide.  He is a loud voice, most recently know for the Apprentice on NBC, over the last 15 years.  However, many Americans do not realize that  Donald Trump is a job creator for thousands across the world.  He has given many a chance to succeed through his multi-billion dollar company.  I am going to provide you the top reasons for a Trump presidency. Then I will let you be the judge.

My Four Reasons to Support Trump

  1. Donald Trump has no handlers. He has no allegiance to banks, special interest groups, lobbyists, or politicians. Everything he says (whether you like it or not) is original.  The fact that he doesn’t take pot shot from anyone is what America needs.  As he likes to say “we don’t win anymore”.  He gives two hour speeches without a teleprompter. He has no script. He doesn’t talk like a politician, but says what we are collectively thinking. It is refreshing to see an honest approach to issues that are influencing daily life. You may not agree with what he says, but at least he’s willing to have a conversation.
  2. Donald Trump and National Sovereignty. No other politician, in recent memory, can rally the population to discuss national security, immigration, terrorism, and rights of American citizens.  When was the last time any candidate actually got through to you on this issue?  Yes, I am also talking to those that disagree with him on the right to maintain a border and limit illegal immigration.  The fact is he is striking a chord and people are actually listening to the idea of national identity.
  3. Trump is an energetic spokesman for American will to succeed. No other candidate discusses the fact that countries around the world exploit our trade and economic right to succeed.  He often discusses the devaluation of currencies around the world as an attack on our way of life. Who else fights to preserve our economic freedoms? He also trumpets the military and populist capability of our youth. He tells us that we need to make America great again. This is such an obvious thing to say, but the message is powerful. When it comes to education, he highlights how low are standards are in schools around the country.  Who else can reform education and government, but a successful international marketer? Politicians advocate for lobbyists. Trump advocates for the American will to succeed.
  4. The National debt is near 21 Trillion in 2016. I find this to be the most compelling reason to sign up to the Trump camp.  Close your eyes and think about all the candidates.  Now, think about all the economic success of each candidate. What  is their capable to help you as an American?  Remember, all the other candidates have been in politics.  What has their role in politics benefited you as the American voter? What about the children you leave to inherit this debt? Who do you think can solve this problem? A super pac, lobbyist funded, Goldman Sachs backed politician? Or should we bank on a successful businessman.

Bottom Line. Make up your own mind this election year and support who you think can actually make a difference. For me it is pretty clear. The answer to me is not a political one. It is Donald J. Trump.

by Damien Darko