Savannah Cotton Exchange

Savannah Cotton Exchange

Savannah Cotton Exchange



Today, I visited one of the most mysterious places in North America. The city of Savannah, Georgia was founded in 1733. One year later, in 1734, the Solomon Lodge No. 1 was founded at this location, by Freemasons. The current building was built on top of the Freemason’s original building. I’ll let you make your on conclusion on the connections. Many people don’t really look beyond skin deep when they are traveling. I will tell you this, every symbol, design, monument, and geometry at this site has a purpose. Nothing in my photos were built without a secondary meaning, not reserved for the random tourist. For example, the lion sculpture, in the picture above, has a meaning. I won’t tell you that one. It’s my secret. Do you own research on it. In Savannah, Georgia you can open carry alcohol. For this reason many tourists are too drunk to see what is right in front of them.

The challenge to many people actually understand the historical significance of this site can’t be overestimated. The industrial capacity and control of the colonial and civil war era global economies was managed fully from this location. To put it into perspective, this was the Wall street of the late 1700’s to mid 1800’s. How many history books actually make this connection? I was never taught who controlled the cotton trade. I learned this on my own. Freemasonry was taught as a “Fraternity” of rich men throughout my eduction and upbringing.


1800’s- Savannah Cotton Exchange

Now let’s fast forward to the 1800’s. What we have here was the Savannah Cotton Exchange. This building was built in 1887 and was the headquarters for all Cotton trading on the planet. The building was constructed by William Gibbons Preston, who was a Freemason.The interesting fact is that this location was the site of the No. 1 Freemason lodge from 1734. This makes me quite curious as it is listed as the Solomon Lodge No 1. Given the fact that a prominent Freemason designed the building and the No. 1, one can deduce the importance of this site. Additionally, the plaques regarding the Freemason ties to the building are quite elusive. It is not openly pictured as to why this building was so important for Freemasonry. I am sure someone has dug deeper into this mystery and knows the exact historical connection.


Catwalk view of the Old Savannah Cotton Freemason Tombs. Note the design and tell me what you think online. How many Freemason Tombs do you see? The official contract only called for four Tombs.


Can you guess what this is? Is it just a wall, or do you see more.



Notice the Freemason sign right below the Cotton sign. The architecture is truly a Masonic design. The Freemasons loved arches. It makes sense they tagged themselves on the archway.


Tombs, Vaults, and/or stores built in the Civil War era by Freemasons.

I recommend that you visit Savannah, Georgia and see this site for yourself. It is truly an impressive historical location steeped in American mystery. I think you will be amazed by what you find. The more you quest for knowledge, the more you will come to know truth. As always I look forward to my next post. I will be visiting the Georgia Guide Stones on my next journey. I recommend you look them up. As always, Good Night and Good Luck. Damien Darko, signing out.


Savannah Cotton Exchange