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One of the most dangerous and vicious cults to creep out of the cesspools of science fiction writing is scientology. The crazed lunatic Ron L. Hubbard developed this “religion” in the 1950’s with one goal in mind. That was to make money. It was not only to make money, but to suck every last penny from working class families through coercive, manipulative, and psycho babble techniques. L. Ron Hubbard was a mediocre Science Fiction writer that saw a way to exploit the newly popular psychotherapy methods of the day. This later transformed into his version called Dianetics. The only reason that he made it become more of a religion than a science was to exploit the tax benefits from the United States Government. He later gave the name Scientology to make people believe there was some great secret to life one could obtain. Of course to get these secrets the member must pass many steps and spend all their money in the process.

What are the secrets of this cult?
Auditing. The so called church of scientology uses a technique of mind control and manipulation called auditing to break down the mind into giving everything to the church. This is used to clear your mind so that you will have the ability to get rid of so called body thetans. These are alien type beings in your body or some bullshit version of the sci-fi story. Xenu was supposedly a alien that gathered up all the overpopulation in this sector of the galaxy, brought them to Earth and then exterminated them using hydrogen bombs. What a load of crap.

The Alien/God Xenu.
The souls of these murdered people are then supposed to infest the body of everyone. After paying thousands of dollars you may eventually get rid of these little critters. The story goes on that a volcano was nuked millions of years ago and so on. hahaha. This drives even the most sane scientology members crazy. After having learned that after all the auditing they are told that little aliens are being secreted from there body many can’t take it. There are been many high profile suicides resulting from this craziness.

The Sea Organization is a militant like group of extremist followers that sign a billion year contract and spend their lives serving scientology. They work seven days a week and are forced into slave labor making less than minimum wage. They work 12-16 hours a day in a hostile and slave like environment. The United States government does nothing about this because scientology legally fought for legal religious status protecting them from many of the labour laws they violate.

Scientology bullying.

Scientology makes its members devout themselves to the church only. Sea Org members are forbidden from having children. Members of the church are even brainwashed into not communicating with their friends and non Scientology families. Celebrities are given handlers to make sure they are doing what the church want them to do. There is also a fair game mentality in that whoever attacks the church can be attacked. This has been their method to intimidate and stop journalists from reporting the truth. Michelle Miscavige has supposedly been living in a place called “The Hole,” a facility operated by the Church of Scientology at its Gold Base in Riverside County, California. This is a prison style camp for members that have need additional corrective training. She has been there since 2007.

In closing the cult of scientology is one of the most dangerous cults in america. it is necessary for people to get out the truth that scientology is just a science fiction novel gone wrong by a greedy, raving lunatic. Spread the word to everyone that tries to join the church. In the time their minds are clear and they find out about the aliens and Xenu characters they will only have ruined their lives.Thankfully for the TruthRaider, I don’t cow to a bunch a psych babble crazies.

The real question you must ask yourself before joining the Scientology cult is whether or not you believe a science fiction writer from the 1950s really can hold the truth to the next life. Do you really believe the Xenu alien story is something you want to believe in? By giving all your assets to this organization they will use psychological warfare to make you feel good about yourself in the beginning. However, by the end of your journey moving through the various levels you will become sad to realize you have wasted years of your life. Save yourself from these crazies now and look to God as he will be the real salvation and not an alien space god.