Furious 7 Review By Damien Darko Truthraider.com The latest installment in the Fast and Furious franchise “Furious 7” has crashed through its debut weekend with a hefty $143.6 Million opening. This makes the film the 9th highest opening in history. Speaking about the release has been very difficult for Vin […]

Furious 7 Review

X-Files Returning To Fox TruthRaider.com In a surprising twist for all die hard X-Files fans the Fox has decided to reboot 6 new episodes of the X-files. David Duchovny and Chris Carter have been discussing the idea for years, but it seems that the current success of the Fox series […]

X-Files Returning To Fox

http://youtu.be/Lqx9PAp-1LE by Damien Darko J.J. Abrams is Star Wars 7 trailer. The Force Awakens will hit theaters in 2015 thank God. The new Star Wars 7 trailer is out. George Lucas gave the world the greatest gift with the first six Star Wars films. However, the one thing I love […]


2015 Silver American Eagle Truthraider.com The 2015 Silver American Eagles are selling in record numbers. The numbers for December, 2014 were reached almost 5 million units. I believe Silver will rise during the 4th quarter of 2015. Why has silver prices collapsed over the last year? Well this is not rocket […]