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Savannah Cotton Exchange
Savannah Cotton Exchange Today, I visited one of the most mysterious places in North America. The city of Savannah, Georgia was founded in 1733. One year later, in 1734, the Solomon Lodge No. 1 was founded at this location, by Freemasons. The current building was built on top of the […]

Savannah Cotton Exchange

Why We Prep By Damien Darko ┬á The question of why so many Americans prep is a complex one that many people have a hard time understanding. In the United States it is estimated that over five million people consider themselves Preppers. We at believe that prepping is something […]

Why We Prep

Nikola Tesla: The Great Geek Inventor By Damien Darko Did you go to K-12 education as a child? Were you born in a family that was educated at the collegiate level? Well I know that I went to K-12, got a Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, and working on another […]

Nikola Tesla: The Great Geek Inventor