Texas Open Carry Law Passes

Texas Open Carry Law Passes

By Damien Darko


The Texas House and Senate have passed landmark Open Carry bill this week. This comes at the heels of the intensive biker shooting that took place in Waco, Texas. Many of the Democrats throughout this country have condemned this action. However, the right to keep and bear arms has and will always be a basic right that most Americans should enjoy.

The great state of Texas have been trying to reverse the ban on Open Carry goes all the way back to the civil war period. The right for Open carry was to disarm free slaves and returning confederate soldiers. The ban really had no place in this century.  The ban on open carry has been around for a record 140 years. Texas was one of only six states to initially allow concealed carry of pistols since 1995. This has had the NRA on Texas’s crosshairs for years as they have not been able to successfully get legislation to pass allowing open carry.

Gun rights groups like Open Carry Texas have used public carrying of AR-15’s throughout the State to appeal for the right to carry handguns. Their point was that it is safer to care a pistol than a rifle around in public. It appears that groups like the NRA and Open Carry Texas have succeeded. As a prepper, I believe that a firearm is an essential part of your home defense and should be in everyone’s home. Being able to safely use a gun and defend yourself is something every American should know how to do.

The last step for this law to come full circle is for Governor Abbot to sign the Bill in to law. However, this is but a formality as he has promised to sign it previously when asked. The passing of this bill will stay controversial as both sides of the aisle will use this to promote their agendas. The most important thing to remember is that this gun rights and crime do not mix.

As a libertarian, I believe everyone has rights. It is how we responsibly use this right that make all the difference. That being said. I am very glad to see this law pass as it will make more citizens safe as criminals will fear getting shot by a honest God fearing Texan. The great state of Texas will finally have the right to open carry just like other great gun right states.