The Ultimate List of 15 Movies Every Prepper Must Watch

The Ultimate List of 15 Movies Every Prepper Must Watch

By Damien Darko

Every Prepper must keep a rolling list of movies that inspire their preps. For there are plenty of movies that inspire us. As you can tell from this list it is not a complete list. It is meant to get you moving in the right direction. I find these movies to be the most helpful no matter why you prep. I prep for economic collapse. It is up to you to decide what motivates you to prep. I hope you enjoy my list. Join us on all our social media platforms today.

1. 28 Days Later Series. This is by far my favorite series dealing with chaos related to a global disaster. Even though this is a zombie movie I believe the series does a good job dealing with the stressing of unrest, militarization, survival, and other prepper themes. This is a must watch series.

2. Children of Men. The prepper theme from this series deals with genetics and the possibility that human reproduction will cease to occur. In this series we see many different themes that are related to prepping. We see the the issues of immigration, lack of food, government policing, and social unrest. This is a must watch prepper flick.

3. Take Shelter. This film is great in the fact that it deals with real world themes. In the show Michael Shannon deals with inner demons and mental illness while at the same time wanting to provide for his family. He builds an underground shelter in preparation for a story. His neighbors think he’s nuts, however the ending is phenomenal. 

4. The Road. This is the ultimate prepper movie. It is set in a post apocalyptic world where a massive nuclear attack has taken out most of the United States. What is left of the population consists of criminals, cannibals, vagrants, and all around bad guys. Viggo Mortensen does a phenomenal job bringing this story to life.

5. San Andreas. This movie starting Dwayne Johnson deals with the San Andreas fault line and the eventuality of a earthquake and tsunami taking out much of California when the fault line moves. This movie is set to blockbuster in 2015. We will see this one for sure. 

6. Mad Max. The original Mad Max series starring Mel Gibson was a classic set of films that have not been beaten. However, in 2015 we have Mad Mad Fury road returning and it is a must see. I can’t wait to see where this film takes of from the originals. 


7. The Day After. This was a TV movie, however it is the most realistic take at a nuclear attack in the United States. If there was an attack this is probably how it would happen. A prepper must who fear nuclear armageddon.

8. Red Dawn 1&2. This is a must for an US Invasion Prepper. If you believe that we can be invaded watch these movies. In the original it deals with a Russian invasion. In the remake the enemy in North Korea. Even if you don’t fear an invasion the themes from the movie are excellent. 

9. The Grey. Liam Neeson packs an extraordinary performance as a wolf hunter up in Alaska who’s plane crashes. This deals with a plane crash survivor theme.  the way he responds to the situations should make every prepper think. Most Americans are like the other passengers on the plane. A must see film. 

9. Carriers. “Star Trek” actor Chris Pine gives us an outstanding performance about a world taken out by a killer virus. For all you fearing viruses and diseases like Ebola than this is the film for you.

 10. The Colony. This is the ultimate climate change promotion movie or second ice age movie. If you fear the earth freezing over again than this movie will interest you. The acting is excellent, but the effects are really what make it great.

11. Contagion. As far as viruses go this movie does a great job of showing one from an international perspective. It does a great job of showing how easy it is to spread once airborne. This movie does not sugar coat the effects of a plague.

 12. Dante;s Peak. An older film starring Pierce Brosnan, but it still has a great impact on us. It is about a small town that refuses to leave when a volcano is going to erupt. For you volcano enthusiasts this is the ultimate rush.

13. Into The Storm. First of the special effects from this movie are amazing. It also is spot on as the midwest is full of tornado’s and this is very realistic. I like when a disaster film gets at reality. 

14. Jericho. This may be a tv show, but it covers the after effects of a nuclear war perfectly for a prepper. Power issues, water, food, power struggles, and more themes make this prepper show an excellent treat. 

 15. Outbreak. One of my al time favorite shows due to the conspiracy like theme with the viruses portrayed. It is also pretty cool because at the time of this film release it was one of the most original. A prepper must for everyone.


≠≠The Ultimate List of 15 Movies Every Prepper Must Watch

By Damien Darko