Top ten SHTF scenarios for preppers

According to, there are many different SHTF scenarios that peppers are currently expecting. TV shows all across the internet are popping up regarding end of the world disasters that are going to put us into the sone age again.  This is my list of top ten possible SHTF scenarios. The Walking Dead show on AMC paints a pretty good picture of societal breakdown. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

SHTF #1. Economic collapse. The U.S. economy is faltering. The dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power. The U.S. debt will be near 20 Trillion dollars in the next 5 years. If the dollar collapses it will be a game changer.

SHTF #2. Deadly pandemic killing 25% or more of the population. Pandemic in the past has killed millions. This is a real threat. Think Ebola in America. How would that turn out? If a pandemic was airborne than the chance of containment would be minuscule.

SHTF #3. Biological Terrorism somehow affecting the Entire US. If you remember the anthrax scare a few years ago then you know how easy it is to create biological weapons. If a terrorist has the right engineering capability than this threat could be home grown and the effects devastating.

SHTF # 4. Complete power grid shutdown. Many Americans are unaware how fragile the U.S. power grid is to failure. All it would take is for natural disasters, over power to the system, or a terrorist attack on a power plant to send people into the black of the night. This is actually a pretty legitimate concern as many of the systems used to power our grid take years to manufacture.

SHTF #5. Nuclear attacks with Radiation Spreading Across the Entire US. This threat was thought to have gone away with the end of the cold war. However, there are still tens of thousands of nuclear devices around the world and countries like North Korea and Iran have intentions to continue weaponizing Nuclear power over the years. I would venture to guess that a rogue nuclear “dirty bomb” against a U.S. city is more of a threat than all out war. I believe this threat is still high.

SHTF #6. Somehow All Electronic Records are destroyed/disabled (this might not be possible). The thought that all electronic data to include Wall Street records would be wiped out is a cyber threat that many feel is real. The question is that nobody knows if it is possible to delete all data on the internet and in intranets. I would say that it is possible to delete some records, but I don’t think this will be a SHTF event.

SHTF #7. The WWIII scenario. The middle east is in flames. Governments are collapsing across the world with no end in sight. Is it possible that any of these regional issues can turn into a full World War? That is the question and I think only the future has the answer.

SHTF #8. Food and/or Water shortages (possibly GMO issues)

Food prices are surging with inflation growing throughout the world due to droughts and price fixing. Biofuels are also driving up the price for corn. Beef prices are up. Water availability will be the next oil crisis to deal with as a nation Water will be the next gold rush. I believe this is for sure a real threat.

SHTF #9. Earthquake or Volcano. If you remember the Fukushima disaster that was caused by a earthquake and a tsunami, then you know this is a real threat. Also, the earthquake in Haiti as showed the dangers. As far as  super volcano we know that it this has happened in the past and will happen again.

SHTF #10. Solar Flares taking out electronically devices. 

Solar flares have caused damage to cities in the past. However, with modern electronics we know that a solar flare today would completely crash our system. Thankfully, for now the solar flares have not directly hit the earth at full strength.