Ultimate Guide to Buying Turkish Carpets

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Ultimate Guide to Buying Turkish Carpets

By Damien Darko


Here at Truthraider.com we have traveled the world over visiting every continent except Australia and Antartica. However, both of those are in our future plans. The one purchase that we have made over time has been in the area of Turkish and Persian carpets. The beauty of this investment is that if you purchase a handmade rug you can always sell to friends, family, or even profit from your investment. The key is to always know what you are buying, who you are buying the carpet from, and what is it truly worth.

I am offering you a tip of a lifetime when it comes to the following information. I am not charging a thing.

Tip #1-The Turkish Speaker

First, I always enter a Turkish carpet dealer with a Turkish speaker. I can’t overemphasize the importance of this step. Over the course of your interact in the shop it is most imperative that your Turkish speaking friend ensure the dealer is being fair to you and not trying to rip you off. I would say that about 90% of tourists in Istanbul get ripped of simply by this first tip.

Tip #2- “Antique Carpets Scheme”

The second tip is also extremely important to understand when purchasing a carpet. The first thing most dealers will do is roll out a “antique carpet” that they say is 50-100 years old. First of all this is not antique when you look at the fact

Tip #3- Never Pay Too Much

If you have an unlimited budget on Turkish carpets than feel free to pay full price. However, if you are like most of the world then I will give you a tip. Never pay more than 30-40% of the starting price. If you pay more than this then you are getting ripped off. They dealers are trained to mark up prices 150-300% for tourists. This is especially true in tourist destinations like Istanbul and Antalya.

Tip #4- Check Out More Than One Dealer

If you have the time and energy then check out at least 2-3 Turkish carpet dealers. This will ensure you are satisfied by your purchase be seeing more options. You can use tips 1-3 above to make sure this step is the most helpful. If you follow this you will leave Turkey a happy tourist.


Safe travels fellow Truth Raider. This has been a review by Damien Darko at Truthraider.com. Feel free to check out our other reviews and news exclusively from Truthraider.com!