Why We Prep

Why We Prep

By Damien Darko


The question of why so many Americans prep is a complex one that many people have a hard time understanding. In the United States it is estimated that over five million people consider themselves Preppers. We at Truthraider.com believe that prepping is something that transcends religion, race, creed, and actually brings together whole communities. Many of the Prepper skeptics believe that Preppers are conspiracy nuts that have no grasp over reality. This can’t be further from the truth.

If you look at recent examples around the world you will see that Prepping is not a fad, but a way of life to protect those that you care about most in life. Look at the Fukishima Nuclear disaster that happened on March 16th, 2011. This incident forced over 300,000 people to abandon their homes immediately and without warning. Imagine of those 300,000 Japanese citizens had a bug out bad and plan. I was in Japan at the time of the Fukishima meltdown. I can tell you firsthand watching the local news that people did not have adequate water, government response, or a plan. Thankfully the international community came and supported the recovery. This is why we Prep.

Another reason that is closer to home is that of the economy. The United States is in a $16,000,000,000,0000 debt. The only way out is to outgrow the debt, default, or build a new currency. All of these options will leave Americans broke. The savings and investments will be worthless. All property values will crash. The total United States economy will contract and food prices will skyrocket. This is why we Prep.

Another example of the need to be prepared is the most basic and easily to grasp. This is the 72-hour prep. The United States Government recommends that everyone have a 72-hour plan. This is not paranoia it is being an educated citizen. Bad things happen in life. At a minimum prep your vehicle, get a 72-hour bug out bag, and ensure you have enough storable food and water to keep your family safe. Remember this one tip. Grocery stores in the United States are only going to provide enough food for the masses for 3-4 days. After this you are on your own. This is why we Prep.

I have traveled to over 15 Countries in my life and have been witness to many life-changing events dealing with preparedness. As Americans we have the ability to prep. That is why Truthraider.com is starting the PREPPER CHRONICLES podcast to educate the masses and spread the news of preparedness. Keep your head down America and join us on this journey.