X-Files Returning To Fox

X-Files Returning To Fox


In a surprising twist for all die hard X-Files fans the Fox has decided to reboot 6 new episodes of the X-files. David Duchovny and Chris Carter have been discussing the idea for years, but it seems that the current success of the Fox series 24 has ignited the need for rebooting successful shows.

The big question that all X-Files fans will be asking is what will we see displayed in the 6 show run on Fox? Will we see monsters, paranormal, conspiracies, or a deeper dive into the extraterrestrial? For the average truth raider I hope to see a rise in the extraterrestrial. We all remember from the series that Agent Mulder’s sister was abducted by aliens.

I would really like to see more into this story. In my opinion, the 6 series reboot should focus on the ET version of events leading us to a 2016 or 2017 film. The need for high quality content is going to drive a film being created. Chris Carter knows that 6 episodes is not really enough to drive true content for the average X-Files fan. We are a special breed that desires unique content driven media that the main steam television shows can’t deliver.

A higher level of conspiracy related dialogue with government complicity in extraterrestrial invasions would surely make the most die hard X-File fan crave more. Chris Carter really needs to find a way to break through to the hipster and low attention span teens to make the show successful. As a follower of X-Files for over 20 years, I was sold a long time ago.

To get the attention of the younger generation Chris Carter must look at the current media landscape and use shows like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones as a guide for building the content based platform. These types of shows thrive on social media. It can’t be said enough that social media will drive the success of X-Files. If you remember from the original X-Files shows it was the Lone Gunmen that gave all the conspiracy and secret information to Agent Mulder. Much like The Lone Gunman, it will be Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and real drives of social media that make the X-Files.

In the End Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny really don’t need X-Files to be successful, but I bet they are grateful for the career it gave them. I give it a 90% chance that the X-Files reboot will result in a film in 2017. Get ready for an exciting new chapter in the X-Files return to Fox as I know it will not disappoint. It has been 13 years since the last X-Files movie, but for me it was just yesterday. There is no substitute for quality programming and in the coming months Chris Carter will deliver. Stay tuned to Fox as I am sure this will be the hit that we all can’t wait to experience.


By Damien Darko