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truthraider on Naomi Brockwell show

First interview for truthraider on the Naomi Brockwell show. 

truthraider on the crypto sky podcast

In this episode, I interview Truth raider, an avid member of Crypto Twitter, and the founder of the Truth Raider brand. He is a Libertarian, former war veteran, and an avid member of the cryptocurrency community. We had a really interesting chat covering some of the issues with the crypto space.

john mcafee on coinboys

Today, the one... the ONLY... John McAfee talks with The Coin Boys, Andy and Daniel. We not only get to talk crypto with him, but go in depth on his history and get an interesting first hand look at the evolution of technology. This is definitely a must listen.

TIM DRAPER: Bitcoin is bigger than Internet, Iron Age,Etc.

Clips from Intelligence Squared debate held Apr. 21, 2018, ft. Tim Draper, Gillian Tett (of the Financial Times), and moderator John Donvan. 

Credits to @BadgerPundit on Youtube

BITCOIN WILL HIT $5 MILLION - Rick Falkvinge | London Real

JOIN OUR GLOBAL COMMUNITY:   Bitcoin will hit $5 million. Rick Falkvinge is the Founder of the Pirate Party



CNBC Crypto Trader Published on Feb 22, 2018 SUBSCRIBE 29K HIT SUBSCRIBE NOW IF YOU WANT MORE OF THIS CONTENT!!  John Mcafee says he won't lose this bet - he has never lost a bet!  Why are the markets going down again before another futures launch. interviews with the top crypto people including: John Mcafee Dr Julian Hosp  Many more... Celcius ICO also featured

Credits to @CNBC 

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