Crypto's Technical Hurdles, P2P Systems, Protecting Your Fun

Today we're hangin' out with TruthRaider to discuss some of the major technical hurdles that crypto is currently facing, how P2P systems helped formed what eventually became Bitcoin, hardware wallets and good practices to keep your funds safe, and feeding sharks.  Enjoy!  Hosts:  Mitch & The Perfesser Guest: TruthRaider Intro: Hippie N3rd News:  The Crypto Gent 

MININGSTORE.COM - The Industry leader in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining

Meet JohnPaul Baric, the founder and CEO of MiningStore - a million dollar crypto mining startup based out of Raleigh, NC.  Stop by MiningStore!

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Truthraider on Naomi Brockwell show

First interview for truthraider on the Naomi Brockwell show. 

Bitcoin Takeover Podcast- On Paul Le Roux (Satoshi)

Check out this great American bitcoiner Truth Raider (@TruthRaiderHQ) on Twitter. 

He talks about why he thinks that the person behind the Satoshi Nakamoto pseudonym is likely to be Paul Le Roux, and expresses views on the state of BTC in European countries.

Furthermore, lots of other Bitcoin-related topics get discussed in this two hour-long conversation. 

Crypto Nation: Pandora and Truthraider- "Talking about the mcafee's on the run" podcast, 31 july 2019

truthraider on the crypto sky podcast

In this episode, I interview Truth raider, an avid member of Crypto Twitter, and the founder of the Truth Raider brand. He is a Libertarian, former war veteran, and an avid member of the cryptocurrency community. We had a really interesting chat covering some of the issues with the crypto space.

TIM DRAPER: Bitcoin is bigger than Internet, Iron Age, etc.

Clips from Intelligence Squared debate held Apr. 21, 2018, ft. Tim Draper, Gillian Tett (of the Financial Times), and moderator John Donvan. 

Credits to @BadgerPundit on Youtube

Truthraider's download farm

Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin: $40 Trillion Marketcap and bitcoin mining

Analysits predict that the market cap for Bitcoin will innevetably hit $40 Trillion.