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HIGH SPEED DAPPS: TRON Bests Ethereum and Fiat in 2019

by Truthraider.com

We are entering a new era in the world of DAPPS. Many people, in the cryptocurrency space, once believed that EOS would be the future Ethereum. The reality is that no other project can keep up with TRON’s growth rate. I started out my cryptocurrency journey on the Ethereum platform. So, I am not backing TRON because I don’t like Ethereum.

I actually do like what Vitalik has accomplished and we all respect his trailblazing this space. Ethereum is just old and outdated in order to facilitate DAPPS. I believe the next hard fork within Ethereum will destroy what’s left of their platform. That is why the ship is sinking. Developers see that Constantinople update will not be successful.

Crypto Twitter is the best place to see the rise of TRON DAPPS. I mean Bittorrent sold out in 15 minutes yesterday on Binance. In fact, Ethereum was not compatible with global finance and the DAPPS can’t prosper without fresh fiat injection into the ecosystem. Nobody sees Ethereum as a global player, especially in asian markets.

Justin Sun is working on major fiat pairs to bring the liquidity in the market for the TRON ecosystem to prosper. Think about mega popular games like FORTNITE. Why is it successful? Because teens can simply use apple accounts to purchase without thinking about fiat. They don’t have to ask parents to spend money. They just buy upgrades with a fingerprint or face scan. TRON understands this concept and that is why DAPPS growth will explode in the future. They are integrating into proven global solutions.

One Stop Shop Crypto. Our good friend, Tommy Mustache, understands this concept and is consistently showing the growth of the TRON ecosystem. Go and research all the sites below and you will see the exponential growth rate of TRON DAPPS. They are recreating the internet, more then just replacing Ethereum. It is mind blowing. Every day I feel like I’m watching Jack Ma or Steve Jobs working 25 years ago. TRON competes with APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, etc. They don’t see any cryptocurrency as competition. I would agree. Fight to change the world, don’t settle for second place.

Death of ETH DAPPS. The other reason that Ethereum is crashing as a DAPPS provider is the fact that it is extremely expensive. Gas costs are unbelievable. Just to send ETH is expensive. The Constantinople hard fork will not solve this problem. That is why they pushed back the hard fork. It is unsustainable!!! Ask any developer about how useless Ethereum is in 2019. Only two of the top 50 DAPPS run on Ethereum. This experiment has failed. It is not scalable for any rational project.

TOP DAPPS ARE TRON BASED: Another great find by Misha Lederman is the fact that 6 out of 10 popular DAPPS are actually in the TRON network. This is unbelievable in a bear market. The crazy thing about this is that Bittorrent hasn’t launched and we are only three months in to DAPPS! Also, the overall growth rate in this bear market has been terrible for all cryptocurrencies except TRON. User growth rate is double what EOS is after a very short period of time. I believe we will see TRON as the number one DAPPS provider by the end of 2019. It is just a matter of time before others capitulate and move over to our network.

In summation, I covered TRON DAPPS without discussing specific one in this article. Why wouldn’t I cover them by name you ask? The reason is that it is easy for me to name who is number 1 or 2 crypto. However, is that really relevant? No, we need to change the global economic system and in order to do that we have to show that what we offer is better than the existing fiat world. You can only do this if you give them something like an EBAY, Facebook, Google or other ecosystem that advances past the previous one. Why do you need a smartphone? Because it’s better than a Nokia and provides more options. The same should be said for TRON DAPPS. Think about how it can replace the non-digital global fiat world. Don’t think about how they can replace ethereum. If you scale out and think bigger we will actually succeed.


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