BILLFODL Bitcoin hardware wallet security using your seed words and recovery keys.



The most important thing, I constantly talk about, is bitcoin security. For me, this is an element newcomers to cryptocurrency take for granted. The rise of centralized bitcoin exchanges are growing everyday and security is not always enforced. If you are new to this space, security for your bitcoin may not even enter your mind. You may just be chasing prices. That is why I always push people towards hardware wallets instead of software wallets. The software wallets are controlled by your devices that can easily be hacked. Hardware wallets and steel recovery storage are the way to go. Always secure your private key. 

The second issue with bitcoin security is the storage of your recovery keys or seed words. This can either be words or numbers depending on the type of wallet. The folks at BILLFODL understood this and that's why they created a 24 word/character based security device. I will lay out a few reasons that make this device a good purchase. 

1. The BILLFODL is made out of stainless steel. I believe this is the number one reason for recommending this product. All the major bitcoin hardware wallets will send you paper to store your seed words. This is not a good idea. If that paper is damaged or the writing is hard to read, you may have a hard time recovering your bitcoin. The steel based wallet can handle all the different elements to protect your 12-24 recovery word phrase. It is the perfect way to defend your bitcoins. 

2. The BILLFODL has optional features to like a holder to hide your device. This is great if privacy is your concern. It comes with screws that can be mounted anywhere. Another feature that the BILLFODL team created was tamper proof stickers to ensure that your device hasn't been tampered with by an intruder. This comes with packs of ten. The BILLFODL has an easy design for inputing the seed words into it without any tools. This is also a great feature of the device. 

Finally, I can't stress more the need for a metal based storage of your seed words and recovery key. Owning bitcoin is only one step in the process. It is actually the easiest step. I will continue to push safety of your bitcoin assets. Pick up a BILLFODL today and ensure your bitcoin is safe for years to come. You will be glad you did. Additionally, I had a good time setting it up. It makes for an interesting project as well, for the creative types.