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TRONWALLET - Desktop Version

Ledger integrated into the PLAY Wallet

The new TronWallet  Play is a desktop version of the very popular IOS mobile app. The current wallet is native to the TRON blockchain and will now allow for sending and receiving TRON from the comfort of your Macbook Pro. Yes, I own a-lot of Apple and Mac products.  

I am especially excited for this latest TRON development. I use my Macbook religiously and now have an option aside from Tronscan to Send/Receive my tokens. The more simple we get this technology, the fast others will join us on this journey. 

There are currently 3 Million plus people using the TRON network in one way or another. I have been using the IOS version of TronWallet since inception. The UI for verification with my Iphone 8+ using biometric scanning was the reason that hooked me in the first place. If you can't use all the features of a device then you need new devs. TronWallet has excellent devs and their TRC10/20 Token marketplace, DAPPS integration, SR Voting and overall UI is quite impressive. 

Their team has partnered up with CryptoChain, who have given us the amazing native ledger app  and TronLedger desktop Client. This is great news because they have worked out most of the bugs over the years and can focus on new features with TronWallet. The team at Tronwallet are builders. Raider backs builders. 

The supported desktop platforms will be Apple MacOs, Microsoft Windows, and of course Linux for you brainiacs. I am sure it will be the best UI for TRON within the next few months.  

Why us TronWalletMe Play Desktop Client? 



  • 12-word seed to create and restore current mobile wallets
  • 24-word seed — import Ledger wallets
  • Military-grade key encryption on the user’s desktop: transactions signed on your desktop assure private keys never leave your desktop: as safe as it gets.
  • Send, Receive TRON tokens
  • Freeze for Bandwidth and Energy
  • Vote for your favourite Super Representative

Make sure to check out the guys on twitter at 


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TRON FOUNDATION is the future of decentralization. 

justin sun and tron virtual machine launch

Livestream of TRON launching TRON Virtual Machine on 30 of July.

The Ethereum Crusher 

tron virtual machine and mass adoption

Why TRON Virtual Machine Will Dominate Global Tech Markets

September 2, 2018| TRX

By Truthraider.com

I am a Bitcoin advocate and hardliner. There is only one Bitcoin and nobody will ever change my mind. Now that we got that out of the way let's talk cryptocurrency and digital technology. I am a strong supporter of everything the Tron team is doing. I see Justin Sun's work ethic and realize he is a man on a mission. How many Alt's have their leader, out front, making moves daily. He is an true visionary and leader that will have his day in the sun. 

The first time I saw him livestream on Periscope, I knew that the internet had a winner. Justin Sun understands two things that I strive to achieve every day. He understands "hustle" and "volume". I have seen times where TRX price would drop while Crypto Twitter freaking out while not truly understanding what was happening. Meanwhile, he's working and sending out tweets on a new long term partnership, he just nailed. He understands that cryptocurrency has the potential to enter a multi-trillion dollar "fiat" industry. So, here a a few reasons why I back this team.

1. Tron Virtual Machine. Why should you care about this? Well, during product testing the Virtual machine recorded 49,000 transactions and improved the scalability of the TRON coin across its broad and growing network. It's basically an upgrade. They are taking the "Apple" approach to development, from my perspective. He's literally building the backbone to an entire decentralized network from scratch to increase scalability. Now, I don't really care about speed, as much as most on crypto twitter, but it's fast. They estimate the Tron network will eventually be able to conduct 1,000,000 transactions a day using this tech upgrade. This goes back to my original point that Justin Sun understands volume. Volume is the glue that will hold international cryptocurrencies together and usher in global adoption. 

2. Daily Transaction Volume. The volume of the Tron network has been absolutely stunning during the bear market. It hit one-third of Ethereum's daily transaction volume in the month of August. Many of the ERC20 based tokens have come and gone. Others have failed to maintain volume, post ICO. Tron has understood since day one that they needed to build a long term platform that achieves realistic goals. This has paid dividends, as we see with the numerous partnerships. Partners equal growth and volume that will make Tron hit massive transaction levels with the market returns to the 800 Billion threshold we had last winter. 

3. Bittorent Acquisition. This is one of the most bullish reasons to consider moving into Tron. The user base from @Bittorrent is estimated to be near a quarter of a billion people from across the planet. I've been a user of Bittorrent forever and Bram Cohem has another project coming up that will blow the socks off other areas in the cryptocurrency space. 

4. DAPPS. The Tron team understands how to integrate and grow using all the social media platforms. It is clear that they want to plug the TRON network into all the different programs. As of now, the growth is fairly organic and is happening with various companies across this space. I predict that in a year or two, companies are going to be begging Tron to integrate for many reasons. Profitability for failing social media sites would be one obvious reason. The DAPPS market has been dominated by Ethereum, but I see a near peer with Tron. 

These are just a few of the reasons I am supporting the Tron Network. At the end of the day, these guys will be major players and will take over entire industries through volume, innovation, and good old fashioned hustle. 

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Tron Virtual Machine Will Usher In Mass Adoption


As many of you know by now, I am a huge Tron (TRX) fan. There are many reasons why I am a long term holder of Tron. The new Seedit app is one of them! Another, is the creation of the tron virtual machine.The team, under Justin Sun, is  consistently hitting blockchain home runs with partnerships, new acquisitions, and growth that can't be matched by any other current cryptocurrency in this space. I will give you a short synopsis to explain why I have such faith in this project. Don't be discouraged by the current price. When Justin Sun first launched Tron he specifically stated that the @TronFoundation would be a long term project. He has not changed his mind with regard to this vision. This is something that I really like to see. Long term commitment in the volatile bitcoin space is a breathe of fresh are for me. So, let's go over some key reasons to support the team at Tron. 

1. Alibaba. Justin Sun's mentor is Alibaba Group CEO, Jack Ma. This is a major point that some people ignore when they are getting all emotional about price actions. In my view, Jack Ma is grooming Justin Sun and his team to take Tron global with some kind of a long term partnership. Employees from Alibaba Group are currently working at Tron. The most likely scenario is that Jack Ma is ensure that Justin Sun gets his business model straight before a major announcement takes place. Who knows when this will happen. However, it will happen, in my opinion. 

2. Partnerships. Justin Sun is the king of cryptocurrency partnerships. Everyday that I wake up it seems that Tron has secured another partnership to their portfolio. His team is one of the hardest working and aggressive in this space. Inevitably, Tron will take the USA by storm. When this happens, look out. I could list all the partnerships, but I'll let you see for yourself. 

3. Acquisitions. The Tron team continues to look for new acquisitions to grow their influence. A reasonable person would say they are doing it to increase the volume of their TRX token. Why? They have a massive amount of coins and if you can make deals with companies that have millions of customers that negates this issue. For example, Tron acquired @BitTorrent recently. It is estimated that up to 250 Million customers access Bittorrent. This is a long term play. If Tron can make this work, the volume will be epic. 

4. Social Media Accumen. It is not a great vision and a working mainnet that set Tron apart. The team at Tron have the best social media presence, period. There is no other cryptocurrency on the planet that markets and advertises like Tron. In the asian markets they dominate. If you can't see the potential for their social media empire, you're missing the boat. Just like early visionaries that saw the potential of Apple or IBM, I see the potential of Tron.

There are dozens of other reasons to back Tron. In the end, you should do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I think that Tron is a disruptive technology, not unlike smartphone adoption. Bitcoin will always be around, but Tron will end up being the next Microsoft or Facebook. It may take ten years, but I'll be here for the ride. 

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@TronFoundation @JustinSunTron @Bittorrent 

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Please visit Tron's official website at https://tron.network/index?lng=en

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SEEDIT TRX Generator for twitter

Check out @GoSeedit

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I woke up the other day to an innovative technology addition to the Twitter.com app. The folks over at @Goseedit have created a way to send and receive tips via in TRX denominations. I compare this to using Apple Pay or Paypal ten years ago. Now, Paypal is ancient technology. If you are even older, you will remember wire transfer ways of sending digital dollars. This was and still is extremely expensive. The Seedit way is much easier and takes very little time to setup. Tron (TRX) doesn't have a border and can be used globally. 

The team at @Goseedit  have help our Tron community grow over 176,000 new wallet addresses since inception. This is incredible. Imagine what will happen when the bull run reappears? The amount of addresses this simple to use technology will create will be massive. Let's revolutionize the way seven billion humans transact. 

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