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cryptotwitter influencer list

The Crypto Twitter Community.

There are many crypto influencers on social media. I will highlight a few of the accounts that provide value to the world of cryptocurrency. Feel free to email me at damien@truthraider.com if you have recommendations or want to know more about cryptocurrency or blockchain technology. I've added easy links to their social media so you can click and instantly follow. Simple and effective. Cheers. 

People to follow on Crypto Twitter.

1. Honestly Crypto from TCPmedia.org. He does excellent cryptocurrency analysis and is constantly growing. @HonestlyCrypto 

2. Digital Lawrence. He is a crypto content provider and the host of the podcast "CryptoCast". He can also be found at Getlawrenencedigitlal.com. @DigitalLawrence 

3. Crypto Vanessa. She an excellent source of crypto knowledge and has a popular blog at cryptocurrencyinsider.wordpress.com


4. Lynx Collection. These guys are one of my favorite bitcoin art companies. You can find them at lynxcollection.com. @lynxcollection

5. Crypto Model. She is everywhere. An excellent model providing brand recognition for crypto projects. Check her out on Instagram. @cryptomodel

6. Crypto Goddess. She is Co-Founder of cvm.media and is one of my favorite influencers throughout social media. A must follow. @crypt0goddess 

7. Bitcoin Viking. Another excellent Bitcoin artist. You can find his work at bitcoingallery.art. @Bitcoin_Gallery

8. BitQueenBR. She is an excellent Bitcoin chartist. If you are into candles, hit her up on twitter. @BitQueeBR

9. J.W. The CEO of Team McAfee is a former Navy Seal and is making crypto deals on the daily. Try and keep up.  @McafeeExecutive

10. Kenn Bosak. Is this guy everywhere?  A top tier influencer. His viral video calling out a scammer was legendary. He can be found at earn.com/kennbosak @Kennethbosak

11. Laurianna 90. She is a top notch influencer that mixes talent, wit, and beauty to advance the crypto cause. She also has an excellent IG presence. @Laurianna90 

12. John McAfee. Obviously, one of my favorite Bitcoin influencers. I'm a libertarian and my brain is wired similar to his, for better or worse.  In fact, a youtube video of him describing Bitcoin tech is what got me started in the first place. That and a raggedy Bitcoin ATM in Georgia that Charlie Shrem owned... Follow him at @officialmcafee

13. Tron Artwork. Are you a fan of TRX or Seedit? This guys artwork is video game worthy. Worth a look. @okkp12 instagram.com/tronartwork/

14. Crypto Wendy. She is a SoCal Crypto Meetup Host spreading the news about Cryptocurrencies. SHe is also an excellent chartist to follow. @cryptowendyo

15. Naomi Brockwell. Host of a popular youtube cryptocurrency channel at https://www.youtube.com/naomibrockwelltv. She is a very talented blockchain educator and entertainer. I'm a huge fan of everything she's doing. @SkyCorridors

16. Ross Ulbricht. Currently in jail. Founder of Silk Road. The reason we have Bitcoin as it exists today and a pioneer for everyone that has followed the dark web or the evolution of computer technology #IMO. @Free_Ross

17. Jason Holmes. Founder @kimchisocks, @coinmarketsox, and Teammate at @proofsuite. You may know him as the Kimchisocks.com Founder. Great things coming from this veteran entrepreneur. @jvholmes87 

18. Pandora. One of my favorite TRON #TRX and @Goseedit go to twitter influencers and promoters. @IICryptoLover 

19. Gem Crypto. Gem is all over the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Making wave throughout the community. https://www.youtube.com/CryptoGem


20. HODL Model. She writes excellent Bitcoin and alt coin analysis reviews on Medium. She also does analysis on alt twitter. @HodlModel 

21. The Crypto Candy. A savy Bitcoin investor. She provides excellent research and education on Bitcoin and the blockchain. @TheCryptoCandy

22. Rudy Bouwman. if you support Digibyte you need to check out Rudy. He's Co-Founder of the DigiByte Awareness Team. @RudyBouwman

23. Red Kat Life. A must DGB advocate! Her IG is fire with those Digibyte poker chips! Check out her IG account, as well as crypto twitter. @RedKatLife

24. Crypto Lili. She is fire on with her alt coin and crypto twitter support! Worth a follow to watch her live streams. @cryptolili 

25. John Satoshi Lite. A CEO and Litecoin volunteer. He's easily the hardest working man in LTC. He's traveling the USA spreading the message of mass adoption. @johnkim77

26. Litecoin Moses. I had to add him. He's a stellar advocate for Litecoin. His posts are always good for the community. More to come from him, I'm sure. @l3l2ucelee 

27. LTC Angel. She does great live streams. We need more. Her crypto news and analysis are always very timely and interesting. A great asset for crypto research. @ltc_angel 

28. Crypto Codey. A talented crypto promoter and an advisor for @superchargebc. Cryptocodey.com. @cryptocodey

29. EljaBoom. The "Voice" of cryto twitter. Our crypto banter is almost daily and I enjoy every minute of it. Check out eljaboom.com for more. @eljaboom

30. Charlie Shrem. I had to add you man. I bought my first bitcoin from one of your liqueur store ATM's. I also remember the ATM people running out of Bitcoin and calling you trying to get so to sell. I'll never forget those days. Also, you went to jail for Bitcoin. Not many can say that. @charlieshrem 

31. Richard Heart. This early adopter of Bitcoin has a popular youtube channel, http://YouTube.com/RichardHeart . I recommend watching his videos. He's sharp and analytically on his crypto game. @RichardHeartWin

32. SoCal Crypto. He is a California based cryptography Enthusiast, Former Soldier, Full Time Crypto Trader and Miner. My kind of guy. Contact: socal_crypto@protonmail.com @Socal_crypto

33. Crypto Breakfast. He is the creator of Blockchain and Morty animation as well as all around fun guy. @CryptoBrekkie 

34. Crypto Yoda. A popular bitcoin powerhouse of information and chartist on Twitter. A must follow or everyone. @CryptoYoda1338

35. Ran NeuNer. Host of Crypto Trader on @CNBCAfrica. He is leading the Bitcoin adoption front using the mainstream media one country and cryptocurrency project at a time. His detailed analysis within the asian markets is very informative, as I'm from the USA. He understands they are leading early adoption, from my perspective. @cryptomanran 

36. Justin Sun. The partnership king of crypto. Justin could make a deal with an eskimo to purchase an iceberg. Everything he touches is gold. Huge fan. The social media engine behind @Tronfoundation. He somehow acquired one of my favorite companies, @Bittorrent recently, as well.  @justinsuntron

37. Yishi. He's the brains behind Odyssey Protocol and was listed as the @Forbes 30 under 30 list. He is just getting things started with the blockchain revolution and the OCP token airdrop. Big things in store from him. @yishi888

38. The Coin Dad. A U.S. Army Veteran and God fearing Crypto enthusiast. Member of the military based token, militarytoken.io. You can also catch him on video every once and a while. @TheCoinDad

39.  Ivy. She is a go Crypto all star for all things decentralize on Twitter. She is on topic with relevant alt hashtags daily. A must for research. @cryptoaddict86

40.  J Sweeps. The talented artist and creator of Coin Stories. A go to friend in the twitter art world. @jsweeps2334

41 . HODL CRYPTO ART. Another of the great crypto twitter artists. Check out shop.hodlcrypto.co or catch him on twitter for quality artwork.  @hodl_crypto

42. Encrypted Apparel. An up and coming Crypto Apparel brand that is making its rounds on social media.  Definitely check them out at wearencrypted.com @encryptedgear

43. Tommy Mustache is the go to for Crypto Twitter lists and growth within our community. He does excellent photos and is adding new crypto influencers every week. @tommyp408

44. Altcoin Sara. She is an amazing crpytocurrency analyst from Altcoin Buzz on Youtube. You can catch her show at https://www.youtube.com/c/AltcoinBuzzLadies @AltcoinSara

45. Bitcoin Bella. An active influencer within the bitcoin community on twitter. She also has a very popular youtube channel at Youtube.com/bitcoinbella.@bitcoinbella_

46. Janice McAfee. She is the real firepower behind mcafeecryptoteam.com keeping John straight, daily. On twitter, she is always helping others push their crypto brands. @themrsmcafee

47. Crypto Hunni. A Mandarin speaking Cryptocurrency loving PHD student. Her twitter feed is always fire. Follow her today. @cryptohunni

48. Team Tronics. One of my my favorite TRON teams that is building the brand. Their website teamtronics.org is building a #Tronics University this fall to educate people on the value of TRX. Awesome idea. @team_tronics

49. Senor Hansel. DOGE 2.2.2. These guys are awesome and hilarious at the same time. Check out lupecoin.io. They have a massive following on crypto and are keeping it fun and interesting. Ask nicely and you might get some $LUPE. The memes are worth the time. @SenorHansel 

50. Val Me. One of my favorite personalities on Twitter. Any time a girl can outsmart you with charts and candles it is a good day. For those that want to know what the heck is going on with the charts and news, check out her feed. Chances are she's out trading you all.  @ValCoins

51. Tron Europe. I love TRON, as many of you know. These guys have 84 super fast servers set up all across the European Union. Justin Sun, are you listening? These guys are crushing it for the TRX community. Check out tron-europe.org. @europe_tron 

52. Charles Nader. He is the CEO and Co- founder of the APP based, Docademic,  http://Doc.com . They are revolutionizing telemedicine with blockchain and AI technology. 


53. Brock Pierce. He is known for his work in Puerto Rico and a visionary for EOS  and blockchain capital.  He is truly a leader working towards what cryptocurrency needs to look like in the future.  blockchaincapital.com


54. Cynthia M. Wood. A strong leader that is revolutionizing cryptocurrency for women everywhere. She is the COO of BeeApp and  Co-host of the @REKT_podcast | Editor/Content @thewhalereports | Top 10 Women in Crypto (@theicojournal),Top 100 in Blockchain (@richtopia).


55. Tron of Empathy. An extremely beautiful and talented supporter of Tron and the growing TRX community. Her content is getting better every day. A great brand ambassador. She is truly in touch with the community and will be a great asset moving in to the future. Follow her at @Tron_of_Empathy

56. Woman Blockchain. A rising star in the Canada Blockchain movement. She is using her talent in IT to revolutionize women's role in blockchain. She's an advisor at justlearncrypto.com. She is also a meetup coordinator in Canada.  She will be a force to recon with in the future. A must follow. @WomanBlockchain

57. Adam Draper. The host of Boost VC Podcast and a power player in the crypto twitter sphere. He is constantly changing the. game for the better. @AdamDraper

58. Salt Obsessions. She brings humor and personality to a sometimes dry Crypto industry. She is a beautiful compliment and  excellent addition to some of us nerds in the crypto twitter fam. Follow. @TheObsessions

59. The Goddess. The wife of @CryptoEuclid and on the #EuciAndTheGoddess podcast. A power couple with a ton of positive vibes and energy. I can feel the energy over the twitter sphere daily.  A personal favorite couple. @mysticaloaks

60. Crypto Euclid. The other member of the positive vibes crypto podcast at EuciAndTheGoddess.com. Two of my favorites. They always have a friend in raider. @CryptoEuclid

61. Zoey. The beautiful and talented Zoey can always spot the next big alt-coin and does excellent research. Most of the time I'm weeks behind. A very good find and a person to follow. @zoey2042

62. Pomp. So, even though he stopped folowing me... I still love this man. He is doing the work of 100 men to spread mass adoption. He is crushing it on so many levels. His company Morgan Creek Digital is a leader in getting institutional investors to wake up to the blockchain. Keep it up brother. @APompliano

63. DeusExMachina and The Lady Krypto. A power couple that are taking crypto twitter by storm and we love it. They are dominating the feeds all over the place. I can't turn my back without seeing them out there getting after the crypto game. DeusEX writes for the Whalereports.com. @kelceyShmelcey and @d1rtydan

64. A crypto-revolutionist, which I love. She's part of. Alt One and a contrinutor for @21cryptos. She's named 2018 Top 10 women in crypto by ICO journa. @PieceOfThePy

65. RallyQT. She is a a firestorm of information for the crypto fam. She gets crypto. @Rallyqt

66. Teklordz. One of my favorite Canadians and a great friend.  He's a. community manager at promether.com. @teklordz

67. Maria Jones. She's literally a personal inspiration to me. VP at CoinTelegraph Media Group @cointelegraph ; Digital Marketing Advisor @sportsledger_io ; Speaker; the most connected digital entrepreneur in CRYPTO. @theBitcoinWoman

68. Fluffy Pony. The man, the myth, and the legend behind monero privacy crypto. He is a mega influencer and also a cult personality in our community. @fluffypony

69. Bitcoin Dad. A successful cryptocurrency trader and dad. He has excellent posts on current trading events and has been around since 2014. @bitcoin_dad

70. Pato patinyo. A very mysterious cryptocurrency trader and a man that understands the value of Bitcoin. He claims to be an ancient being. Tiime will tell. He's been around since 2013. Check out his trading information at @cryptobanger 

71. Bitcoin Dood. A Bitcoin and Altcoin trader. The dude. You can also catch him at bitcoindood.com. He is one of my favorites on this list. Keep up with all he's doing in the crypto space. @bitcoindood

72. Devon C. The social media and business development arm of the Digibyte team. He's also secretary at #DGBAT. Check out his posts on all things Digibyte. @digibytehelper

73. Jared C. Tate. The talented founder of Digibyte. He is the force behind the rise of Digibyte coin. A must follow. Check out digibyte.io. @jaredctate

74. David Gokhshtein. A crypto motivator and influencer. They call him the"Crypto Mamba" and he is one of the first twitter influencers I ran into on live stream. He provides excellent analysis and research at davidgokhshtein.com. He covers the best Alt Coins on the net. 


75. Adryenn Ashley. The highly influential founder of LOLY.io. She is an award winning social influencer in the blockchain space. @adryenn

76. Phu Styles. The founder of Woman Blockchain Foundation. She's and advisor and Venture partner at @VelorumCapital. Make sure to follow her on the many projects she supports. @PhuStyles

77. Nadine Damblon. If you are not covering the European Cryptocurrency markets you may not know about her company. If you are like me, you know she is the next big thing in hydroelectric cryptocurrency mining. She will be a power player in mining. I have an eye on her company, Hydrominer. They will be major players in the future with a dedicated team to mining. @NadineDamblon

78. Tanzeel Akhtar. A brilliant Investment Journalist from the U.K. Her works are covered on major financial new outlets throughout the industry. Her bitcoin and blockchain analysis is always right on target. If you're looking for a honest mainstream media journalist, she's on my list to follow. Mobile Alerts on. @tanzeel_akhtar

79. David Tyrell. A strong advocate of cryptocurrency and a must for networking within cryptotwitter. He has his pulse on crypo blogging and current events within our community. One of the only Llama's I follow. @LamboLlama

80. Crypto Sky Podcast. This guys is 19 years old and he already knows more about crypto than men twice his age. He is the host of the CryptoSky Podcast on Itunes. Check him out at @thecryptosky 

81. Tron of Empathy. The beatiful and talented support of TRON (TRX) is always out front helping to promote new products such as @Goseedit and the TRON family. I expect great things from her feed. @Tron_of_Empathy

82. Jennifer Leigh. She's a strong advocate of Cryptocurrency and the security that is needed to protect it. Follow her for tips on how to secure your digital assets. @Jennicide 

83. Erik Finman. He bought Bitcoin as a kid and got extremely wealthy. He also helps to educate youth about bitcoin awareness. He's currently working on a satellite and he's only 19. @erikfinman

84. Trevor Jones. He is an augmented reality and cryptocurrency artist living in Scotland. You can catch all of his work at trevorjonesart.com. His work is unbelievable, if not even magical. @trevorjonesart

85. Margaux Avedisian. She's been called the "Bitcoin Queen" by the Wall Street Journal. She is well versed in all things bitcoin. She is taking the cryptocurrency world by storm and is a must watch in 2018. @MargauxWithAnX

86. TelTuna. He's a whale for TEL and one of my favorite wingmen. He has a vast understanding of TELCOIN adoption's need to solve a broken mobile remittances market. @teltuna

87. Tour De Crypto. This guys are conducting a 4,000 mile journey across America for charity. They are building awareness and at the same time conducting a meaningful fundraise. An awesome event and group. @tourdecrypto

88. Andrew. His is community builder and crypto believer from the UK. @crypto_strong

89.  Changpeng " CZ" Zhao. He is the CEO of Binance and the leader of the crypto revolution from the island of Malta. His exchange is changing the way the world looks at bitcoin. @cz_binance

90. Naomi Brockwell. She is the most known woman in the bitcoin space. She is a producer and host covering blockchain on youtube. @naomibrockwell 

91. Queen. The European  queen of crypto. Give her a follow. She's a great influencer and long time hodler. @AltQ